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iPS Team

We are a cluster engineering team representing complementary brands operating in various sectors and industries.

We have been operating continuously since 1998. The key values we follow are: safety + complexity + experience

At iPS Team, we focus on a smooth flow of experiences and mutual learning.

Each of our brands has various competences and as a result we are proud of of a wide portfolio of services offered. Although we work under separate logos, we have direct contact with each other and we use the accumulated experience together. Each of these brands develops individual competences, runs its own projects and specializes in a specific field.

Brands that build iPS Team

is a leading engineering company in Poland providing comprehensive support for investment projects for the industry. The area of activity of iPS Control® is the automation of industrial processes, within which we offer global solutions.

is a creative industrial technology studio. The WiZARTEC team comprehensively manages projects, regardless of the scale of investment work. Work is carried out in the build, improve, integrate system in the field of complete production lines, production cells, special machines and comprehensive automation.

is the most specialized brand in iPS Team. The PiDT team offers comprehensive implementations in the field of solutions for the ends of production lines. This means that the offer includes all solutions available on the market dedicated to the end of the production process, which are additionally integrated into one effective and efficient system.

It is an engineering team of specialists focused on providing the highest standard of industrial automation service. They know how much unplanned downtime costs, and most importantly, they know how to prevent it.

is a team of creative people who devote their time to solving the problem of plastic pollution in the world. We combine competences in the field of industrial design, industrial technologies and recycling to support proper plastic management.

Automaton Expert is an engineering company that provides comprehensive support for investment projects for the industry in the field of process automation: automation + mechanics + robotics. Work is carried out in the following systems: prototyping - optimization - technology transfer.

What are the benefits of cluster organization?

The customer, using the cluster team, can count on a complete set of services. iPS Team offers services and products that are jointly developed within the cluster, tested on many markets and regularly verified by customers.
Within the iPS Team, each team can count on the support of the others. It is also worth mentioning here the minimization of the communication problem and the certainty as to the possibility of integrating each element of the process. As a result, as the iPS Team, we can engage in difficult topics and support the client comprehensively – from the concept and design process to service and modernization.

a wide range of proven services

multidisciplinary support

efficient communication between teams

integration of processes and project elements

risk minimization

many years of experience

Systems integration

Thanks to full knowledge in the field of process control and automation, we are able to integrate many operating systems and subsystems into one coherent, functional and effective production system. Centrally integrated production facilities run better and more efficiently.

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Industrial automation

Operation and management of the production cycle should be simplified and user-friendly. This is how we see industrial automation.

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Together with other iPS Team brands, we work on innovative projects.
We carry out research and development activities of iPS Control® together with other brands in the portfolio of iPS S.A.

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