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Completed projects

The latest projects of iPS Control®

We regularly supplement the portfolio of our works with more and more interesting projects. Familiarize yourself with our latest projects.

Together with our clients, we have created many technological stories. We have been working continuously since 1998 on more and more interesting projects. We integrate automation both in Poland and abroad. Safe development of clients is possible thanks to integrated cooperation during the implementation of projects.

Modernization of the GoodMills Polska production plant

Modernization of the control system of the entire production plant. Works carried out in a system ensuring the continuity of the plant’s operation.

"The involvement of iPS Control® employees in the implementation of a technically difficult and timely task exceeded our expectations, especially since the launch of the new system took place in a strict time regime (...)"

Expansion of the ZUBR Plant Protein Refining Plant in Osiek

Comprehensive implementation of a modern control system and expansion of the plant.

"We will be pleased to cooperate with iPS Control® on further upcoming projects in our company."

Feed production plant

Design and implementation of a modern control system

"The iPS Control® team carried out their work reliably, on time and with full commitment, giving us a sense of security and professionalism."

Line for cutting, grinding, impregnation, stacking and packaging of large-size LVL boards

Design and implementation of complete electrical installations and a control system for the LVL board processing line.

Delivery of hardware and software for a brewhouse SCADA system

Delivery of computers and licenses for the control system, system security and improvement of work ergonomics

“We appreciate the very good organization of work, openness and professionalism of iPS S.A. and we would like to recommend their services."

Modernization and expansion of the control system for the biofuel (biodiesel) production installation

Thanks to proprietary control algorithms, we have increased the efficiency of the installation. We have reduced the need for operators to run the biofuel production process.

"iPS Control® became our most important partner for this project. The cooperation between our two companies was excellent and project was completed on schedule. The experience, expertise and commitment of iPS Control® engineers has transformed the facility control system into a modern, easy-to-operate and flexible control and visualization system."

Feed production control system

Comprehensive and complicated modernization, works carried out in a system ensuring the continuity of the plant’s operation

"Algorithms for optimizing the production process applied in the new control system allowed us to fully use the potential of existing technological equipment, and without a major change in the production infrastructure, increased production efficiency by as much as 20%"

Feed factory - granulator and hammer mill control system

Implementation of the granulator and hammer mill control system

"The cooperation so far allows me to recommend iPS Control® as a very reliable, competent business partner worth recommending for cooperation"

Robotized bag palletizing line

"The solutions implemented by iPS Control® allowed us to increase production efficiency, save time and money, while maintaining high quality standards"

Control system for the arrangement of all bulk raw materials

Production of varnishes, hardeners, primers and thinners, control system for the storage, transport and dosing system.

"iPS Control® employees carried out their work reliably and on time, giving us a sense of security and professionalism"

Aluminum recycling - complete automation of the production process

Design and implementation of a complete power supply, control and signaling system for an aluminum recycling plant.

"iPS Control® employees completed their work reliably and on time. It is worth noting the high level of professionalism. We recommend this company as a reliable and safe business partner."

Production of cleaning cubes for dishwashers - comprehensive implementation of the new production department

A complete production line, starting from the storage of loose and liquid raw materials, unloading raw materials, their transport, dosing to two mixers, to the transport of prepared semi-finished products to the system of cube-forming presses and then to packaging machines for product packaging.

"We are satisfied with the cooperation with iPS Control®. We were provided with a high level of service quality, thanks to which we were sure of the successful completion of the works throughout the entire implementation of the investment"

Energy drinks - a complete automation project for a production plant

Complete automation design and construction of an energy drinks production plant.

"... project implementation went smoothly..."

MES class system for managing the production of rice waffles

MES-class production management and production efficiency system.

"We recommend iPS Control to potential customers as a reliable and safe business partner"

Complete feed production plant control system - NUTRILO

MES-class production management and production efficiency system.

"Modern, flexible and intuitive - this is how we can briefly describe the comprehensive control system for the feed factory, which iPS Control® implemented for us as a model"

Industrial automation

Operation and management of the production cycle should be simplified and user-friendly. This is how we see industrial automation.



Thanks to the use of proven project management procedures, we guide our clients safely and comprehensively through the investment process. We have been systematically building iPS Control® experience capital since 1998.



Together with other iPS Team brands, we work on innovative projects.
We carry out research and development activities of iPS Control® together with other brands in the portfolio of iPS S.A.


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