Feed production plant – design and implementation of a modern control system

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“The iPS Control® team carried out their work reliably, on time and with full commitment, giving us a sense of security and professionalism.” – Chairman of the Board

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Comprehensive implementation of the task of designing and implementing a modern control system for a feed production plant, including power installations


  • delivery of a complete control system design
  • delivery, assembly and installation of over 50 power and control cabinets for the complete production process (silos, dosing plant, 3 mixing lines, 2 granulation lines, 1 extrusion line, 2 dispatches of finished raw material)
  • creation of a control system based on a central PLC controller, local I/O islands, a number of weighing systems and a master system made in the client-server architecture
  • execution of all electrical and power installations, including delivery of MV, LV switchgear and 2 x 3MVA transformer station
    automatic and precise execution of production orders with full production reporting and full integration with ERP, TMS and Bestmix systems


  • the most modern feed production control system
  • the ability to execute multiple orders simultaneously
  • maximum use of the potential of technological lines
  • full diagnostics and control over the process, along with performance parameters
  • full integration with the ERP system


  • The system is based on the central Rockwell Automation GuardLogix L85 + SafetyPartner controller, with an integrated safety part, Point I/O modules as distributed islands (approx. 3,000 physical I/Os),
  • Nutrilo master system dedicated to the feed mill, based on FactoryTalkView software in the client version server,
  • DOTup devices for the presentation of MES data (production efficiency, production indicators),
  • 4 local operator panels,
  • 4 dual-monitor client stations of the master system,
  • remote VPN access

Robotized bag palletizing line

“The solutions implemented by iPS Control® allowed us to increase production efficiency, save time and money, while maintaining high quality standards” Effect production and delivery


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