Robotized bag palletizing line

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"The solutions implemented by iPS Control® allowed us to increase production efficiency, save time and money, while maintaining high quality standards"


  • production and delivery of complete mechanical equipment (conveyors, automatic pallet warehouse, two-section robot gripper, fence, etc.)
  • implementation of a robotic palletizing system
  • delivery, assembly and installation of main and local power and control cabinets
  • creation of a control system based on a central PLC controller, local I/O islands,
  • implementation of many palletization schemes for various production programs (5-25kg bags, various schemes of stacking bags on a pallet)
  • creation of an MES system in the field of monitoring performance, availability, and presenting production indicators using a large-size DOT-up located in the production hall.


  • increasing the efficiency of the packing plant
  • improving the quality of stacked pallets
  • the possibility of palletizing a wide range of products
  • quick changeover
  • full monitoring of performance parameters


  • System based on Kawasaki ZD130S robot,
  • GE controller with RX3i processor and Wonderware Intouch software for visualization of processes taking place in the palletizing line,
  • local operator panel,
  • IP54 sealed DOT-up for presentation of production indicators

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