Feed factory – granulator and hammer mill control system

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Investment description

Implementation of the granulator and hammer mill control system


  • Control over the course of the granulation and milling process
  • Increasing the efficiency of the granulation line
  • Integration with the feed production plant control system
  • Monitoring the status of technological devices
  • Monitoring and adjustment of process parameters
  • Meeting high quality standards
  • Production and handling safety
  • I&C project for a granulator and a hammer mill
  • Prefabrication and delivery of power and control cabinets
  • Design and implementation of a complete control system based on a freely programmable controller, design and implementation of a SCADA system


  • Siemens ET 200S CPU series freely programmable controller
  • Distributed cassettes with I/O modules of the ET 200S series from Siemens
  • Danfoss frequency converters
  • SC ADA Indusoft Runtime operator station
  • Wieland programmable safety relays

Robotized bag palletizing line

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