Control system for the arrangement of all bulk raw materials

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Investment description

Production of varnishes, hardeners, primers and thinners, control system for the storage, transport and dosing of all loose raw materials.

Effects and benefits

  • full control over the phases of the production process
  • implementation of multidimensional production recipes taken from an external system as well as from an internal generator
  • execution of several orders at the same time with maximum use of production cells
  • full automation of production, multi-level weighing control
  • delivery and installation of power and control cabinets for the technological process of production in part of loose raw materials, starting from raw material silos, BIG-BAG stations, unpacking stations, to final production mixers
  • implementation of a control system based on a central PLC controller and a number of distributed I/O modules
  • control system of vacuum pneumatic transport based on DEC devices
  • development and implementation of a system for formulation, queuing and execution of production orders, based on production phases, with monitoring of the quantity and availability of raw materials necessary to complete the order
  • a number of systems for weighing raw materials and transporting weighed portions to four mixers, integration with IT family weighing processors,
  • production reporting system with data transfer to master systems


  • System based on Siemens Simatic S7 family controller,
  • ET200 modules,
  • Siemens operator panels,
  • system for visualization,
  • monitoring,
  • production formulation based on Wonderware System Platform,
  • remote VPN access

Robotized bag palletizing line

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