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We have been operating since 1998

Confidence and security achieved thanks to many years of experience allow iPS Control® to offer professionalism, quality and flexibility in close cooperation with the client. We have been cooperating with our Partners for many years, jointly implementing many national and global projects.

Siemens - Authorized System Integrator

iPS Control® has a certificate of Authorized Partner - Solution Partner - Siemens. Siemens Solution Partners are selected, Siemens-certified system integrators with extensive knowledge of technology and process engineering. They deliver and develop optimized, future-proof solutions based on the full spectrum of Siemens products - in the fields of industrial automation, drive technology and product lifecycle management.

As a result of close cooperation, qualifications and certification by Siemens, Partners:

  • have access to the full know-how of Siemens,
  • receive adapted and optimized systems, and with them a competitive advantage on the market,
  • are able to optimize the entire value added chain - from standard finished products to object solutions in the construction of entire plants,
  • have full support from Siemens in terms of the company's products and solutions
  • have the widest access to Siemens' knowledge bases and global specialists..

The granting of the Siemens Solution Partner certificate is proof of the highest recognition and full trust of Siemens.

Under the name Siemens Solution Partner Automation, Siemens partners worldwide act as qualified solution providers for Siemens products, systems and services in the field of automation and energy distribution. The "Solution Partner Automation Drives" symbol may only be used by companies selected and certified by Siemens. The certificate is a guarantee of the highest level of partnership.

Rockwell Automation - Authorized System Integrator

iPS Control® was the first company in Poland to obtain the status of RcSI (System Integrator). Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrators/Solution Providers are best-in-class integrators of automation systems based on Rockwell Automation solutions. These are Partners who have demonstrated significant experience in the implementation of automation applications and IT solutions for manufacturing companies around the world.

Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrators/Solution Providers are proven, trustworthy and organizationally stable companies that offer extensive experience in the design, implementation, project management and maintenance of control and automation systems. From initial consultation and design, through system development, fabrication, commissioning and support, Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrators/Solution Providers deliver innovative solutions to customers worldwide.

The "Recognized System Integrator" symbol may only be used by companies selected and certified by Rockwell Automation. The certificate is a guarantee of the highest level of partnership.

AVEVA - Authorized System Integrator

AVEVA is a brand of market-leading IT solutions for real-time operational management and systems in the field of: superior visualization of HMI processes, GeoSCADA, mobile solutions, production management, MES, performance management, EMI and integration with asset management systems, supply chain management and applications ERP. The AVEVA brand is part of the offer of the Operations Management department of the Schneider Electric group. Currently, the AVEVA software operates in over 100,000 plants around the world, which accounts for over 600,000 sold licenses of systems operating in the production and infrastructure industries.

iPS Control® has the following AVEVA certificates:

Certified System Integrator - InTouch

AVEVA Certified Integrator for the AVEVA System Platform (Certified System Integrator - System Platform).

AVEVA places great emphasis on ensuring that all AVEVA software integrators designing and implementing applications are highly qualified. The certification system is an effective method of verifying whether the skills of the integrators are appropriate to the requirements set by the users of the implemented applications. In addition, the condition for AVEVA certification is having the appropriate development tools required to implement the application, as well as the appropriate number of references confirming the skills of the integration company.

Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory Alliance – SI REGISTERED

The e-F@ctory Alliance project concept was created by Mitsubishi Electric and its partners. It is an idea whose aim is to create a working environment in which System Integrators can succeed and develop, while adhering to the rules applicable in their companies and the existing rules of doing business.

The operation of the e-F@ctory Alliance program benefits three groups of participants in the sales chain: Suppliers, System Integrators and End Users.

Each link in the sales chain must receive indisputable and clear benefits, ultimately being successful. The optimal interaction of many automation components, delivered together with the engineering knowledge of System Integrators, forms the basis of the Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory Alliance system. We are honored to be part of this project.


iPS Control® is an official partner of ASTOR - an authorized representative of AVEVA in Poland. ASTOR has been selected as a strategic partner in the field of production management and production efficiency systems (MES class systems).

Thanks to the actions taken and cooperation with ASTOR, we have become a Certified AVEVA Integrator in the field of InTouch software and AVEVA System Platform - an IT platform on which modern AVEVA MES systems are built.

iPS Control® is also a member of the prestigious Group of MES Integrators - a group of 10 companies with experience, knowledge, competence and development tools for implementing MES class systems based on AVEVA software.

The purpose of the Group's activities is: professional sale and implementation of MES class solutions by AVEVA, building market and customer awareness about the possibilities of MES class solutions, exchange of good practices and business and technical knowledge allowing for more effective operations in the area of MES solutions.


Allen Bradley is a brand that is part of the Rockwell Automation concern. Allen-Bradley is the reliability of control devices for industry, as well as automation components, which include: programmable controllers with input/output systems, operator panels, industrial computers, relays, terminal blocks, buttons, sensors, starters, contactors, power electronic drives , servo drives, network communication devices and devices for monitoring electrical parameters in power systems.

We belong to iPS Team, a cluster engineering team

iPS Team represents complementary brands operating in various sectors and industries. In selected projects, we join forces and work together for the success of our client.

Together we can do more.

Ready-made solutions

Over many years of operating on the market, we have managed to implement innovative solutions that have been successfully used by many of our clients.

Industrial data visualization system

Thanks to DOTup, you can get quick and easy access to key information from the production process

Software allowing for effective operation of feed mills/mixing plants.​

The management and control of the feed mill/mixing plant is the main task for the nutrilo. We won’t hide, he copes with it extremely efficiently.

Project management

Implementation of production control and management systems, especially in the context of parallel production, is a difficult project. The only effective way to implement systems of this type is to organize the implementation or implementation into a project structure.

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About us

iPS Control® is the automation of industrial processes. We are an integrator and a leading engineering company in Poland providing global support for investment projects for the industry

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iPS Team

We are a cluster engineering team representing complementary brands operating in various sectors and industries.
We have been operating continuously since 1998. The key values we follow are: security + complexity + experience

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