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Nutrilo® is software that enables comprehensive production management. Its modular structure allows for any customization, so our customers get exactly what they requested. Thanks to this, we avoid unnecessary costs. Thanks to the open architecture, we ensure the possibility of integration with other systems operating at the client’s site and with superior ERP systems.

Nutrilo® comprehensively allows for:

… and many, many other interesting and useful activities that will support you in your production process.

Examples of processes in which Nutrilo® has proven to be excellent include the process of receiving raw materials, transport between tanks, stations for manual weighing of ingredients, granulation, grinding, mixing, expedition logistics management, and packaging. Nutrilo® was initially a product that supported production in feed factories. This solution, together with our clients, was constantly improved, as a result of which Nutrilo® is currently also used in industries such as milling, food and chemical.

Nutrilo® is constantly improved and developed on many levels. We are currently focusing on developing an MES module that will provide input information for the analysis and optimization of production operations. We are also working on transferring the application to a mobile platform so that you can have insight into the production process from anywhere. Please contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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