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We are an integrator of industrial automation systems.

What does that mean exactly?

Every few years you expand your production facility. Every few years, technology also changes, new opportunities appear. At some point, you realize that each production line is controlled in a different way, or the software is very diverse. So how to combine it all? iPS Control® knows the answer and helps in creating one, efficiently operating system.

Thanks to full knowledge in the field of process control and automation, we are able to integrate many operating systems and subsystems into one coherent, functional and effective production system. Centrally integrated production facilities run better and more efficiently. They make full use of technological and technical possibilities. An appropriate level of diagnostics, media monitoring, acquisition of production parameters along with their presentation and analytics allow production to be carried out with greater control and planning precision.

We approach each project individually.

Thanks to many years of experience, we know a variety of systems and software. We adjust solutions to get the best end result.

It is worth investing in integration

Integrated control systems make all production processes run more efficiently.​

We have seen many times that the integration of control systems, global implementation of MES systems for production management, or appropriate reporting and presentation of production data improve the efficiency of production lines and the values of OEE indicators.

Thanks to integration, we can count on greater production efficiency. The process itself runs more efficiently, and the data collected during it are visualized in an accessible way. The operator can easily control the entire production line, reacting quickly to any problems, thus avoiding downtime and serious failures. All this contributes to a significant reduction in production costs.

Project management

Implementation of production control and management systems, especially in the context of parallel production, is a difficult project. The only effective way to implement systems of this type is to organize the implementation or implementation into a project structure.

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Industrial automation

Operation and management of the production cycle should be simplified and user-friendly. This is how we see industrial automation.

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Thanks to the use of proven project management procedures, we guide our clients safely and comprehensively through the investment process. We have been systematically building iPS Control® experience capital since 1998.

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