Modernization and expansion of the control system for the biofuel (biodiesel) production installation

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"iPS Control® became our most important partner for this project. The cooperation between our two companies was excellent and project was completed on schedule. The experience, expertise and commitment of iPS Control® engineers has transformed the facility control system into a modern, easy-to-operate and flexible control and visualization system."
- President and CEO, Recycled Energy Corporation


  • inventory of the existing state in the field of I&C,
  • reconstruction of I&C documentation after stocktaking,
  • supplementing and modifying the I&C documentation in connection with the proposed changes to the control system,
  • modification and expansion of power and control cabinets for the production management system,
  • replacement of damaged and incorrectly selected power and control wiring,
  • replacement of the SOFTPLC system with a PLC-based system,
  • new SCADA servers with the application,
  • new algorithm for automatic control of the biofuel production process,
  • modifications of the technological system in the field of pipelines, tanks, assembly of I&C equipment and fittings


  • SIEMENS 1500 series controller,
  • modification and expansion of distributed SIEMENS communication modules and implementation of the PROFINET network,
  • new SIEMENS and existing ABB frequency converters connected via PROFIBUS or PROFINET,
  • new DELL server and operator stations with the SCADA WINCC system,
  • 2×65” DOTUP installed in the main control room.
  • full implementation of the SAFETY system based on machine standards


  • a significant improvement in the stability of the system operation thanks to the replacement of SOFTPLC with a PLC,
  • enabling the use of full implementation of client-server solutions,
  • enabling remote connection and data analysis at the company’s headquarters located on another continent,
  • increasing the resistance of the entire installation to hazards resulting from the nature of the process,
  • thanks to proprietary control algorithms, increasing the efficiency of the installation,
  • reducing the involvement of operators in the biofuel production process.

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“The solutions implemented by iPS Control® allowed us to increase production efficiency, save time and money, while maintaining high quality standards” Effect production and delivery


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