Production of cleaning cubes for dishwashers – comprehensive implementation of the new production department

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We are pleased with the cooperation with iPS Control®. We were provided with a high level of service quality, thanks to which we were sure of the successful completion of the works throughout the entire implementation of the investment” - Technical Director

Investment description:

A complete production line, from the storage of loose and liquid raw materials, unloading of raw materials, their transport, dosing to two mixers, to the transport of prepared semi-finished products to the system of cube-forming presses and then to packaging machines for product packaging.


  • development of an algorithm for dosing ingredients to mixers,
  • complete mixer control system, including protection systems,
  • system operation is fully automated
  • the system carries out the production process itself by combining appropriate transport routes, weighing the appropriate production components and implementing the batch process,
  • control system equipped with a formulation and production reporting system,
  • the system is connected via a remote VPN connection with the iPS Control® service, enabling immediate reaction in the event of a failure,
  • unique technological line,
  • explosion-proof design, in accordance with ATEX requirements.


  • freely programmable controller of the SIMATIC S7-400 family from Siemens,
  • a system of distributed inputs/outputs of the ET200S series,
  • 13 Micromaster frequency converters controlled via the Profibus network,
  • 6 complete weighing systems based on HBM strain gauge transducers and Siwarex CS ET200S series weighing transducers from Siemens,
  • digital networks: Profibus DP – actuator layer (input/output modules, frequency converters),
  • Ethernet – management and operator layer,
  • three Siemens operator panels,
  • one WinCC operator station

Robotized bag palletizing line

“The solutions implemented by iPS Control® allowed us to increase production efficiency, save time and money, while maintaining high quality standards” Effect production and delivery


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