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MES systems

MES systems are a link between the layer of business systems and production, providing the management with reliable data to make the right decisions regarding the functioning of the company.

iPS Control® implements comprehensive investments in the field of production management systems and production efficiency. As part of MES systems, we provide partners with ready-made analytical tools that help to achieve a competitive advantage, as well as maintain relatively low production costs combined with appropriate product quality and customer service.

MES systems are designed to provide information that allows you to optimize production operations from the ordering process to the delivery of finished products.

We implement MES systems in the following areas:

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Recognizing the potential in MES class systems, we chose a strategic partner in the field of MES software - AVEVA, and a representative of this company on the Polish market - ASTOR.

Thanks to the actions taken, we have become a Certified Integrator of AVEVA, and a Certified Integrator of ArchestraA - an IT platform on which AVEVA's MES class systems are based. We also have trained programmers with ArchestrA certificates.

At the same time, we became a member of the prestigious Group of MES Integrators - a group of 10 companies with experience, knowledge and competence to implement MES class systems based on AVEVA software.

The aim of the MES Integrators Group is:

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