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Automation of industrial processes has a history of several decades. Many of the existing solutions are already in the final phase of the technological life cycle. They do not meet all norms and standards, and most importantly, they do not allow for further development of the company and innovative changes in the production process.

The product offered on the market may thus lose its competitive position. It is worth counteracting it. Being authorized integrators of the world’s largest manufacturers in the field of automation, we have the appropriate competence to migrate solutions to the currently offered products and modern solutions in the field of industrial automation.

Thanks to such modernizations, we also abolish hardware limitations.

We make machines and production lines gain new possibilities in terms of:

  • performance,
  • certainty and precision of operation,
  • comfort of use and full diagnostics,
  • modern data presentation,
  • remote control,
  • full production reporting.

We offer:

  • inventories of the current state, reconstruction of documentation
  • technical advice, analysis and concept development
  • selection of hardware, software and solutions
  • software migrations of PLC controllers, SCADA and MES systems
  • reporting applications
  • software license updates
  • replacement of hardware components of control systems, power cabinets and field devices
  • robotization of manual processes
  • implementing new applications
  • functional tests
  • system optimization and development

After a properly conducted process of improving the level of automation, the Investor achieves certain measurable benefits:

  • adaptation to expectations and needs
  • extending the life cycle
  • state-of-the-art solutions
  • improving efficiency, quality and ergonomics
  • trouble-free operation
  • professional assembly
  • upgrading


We are pleased to see how old plants, lines or production centers are given a “new life”.


Thanks to the use of the most modern solutions in the field of automation, we ensure that a well-designed technological line quickly achieves its assumed quality and performance parameters.


We are able to integrate many operating systems and subsystems into one coherent, functional and effective production system. Centrally integrated production plants operate: better, more efficiently, with full use of technological and technical possibilities.

Systems integration

Thanks to full knowledge in the field of process control and automation, we are able to integrate many operating systems and subsystems into one coherent, functional and effective production system. Centrally integrated production facilities run better and more efficiently.

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About us

iPS Control® is the automation of industrial processes. We are an integrator and a leading engineering company in Poland providing global support for investment projects for the industry

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iPS Team

We are a cluster engineering team representing complementary brands operating in various sectors and industries.
We have been operating continuously since 1998. The key values we follow are: security + complexity + experience

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