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Design documentation

Design documentation of control and power systems

In the design phase, we agree with the client his expectations as to the tasks and functions of the designed system. Based on our experience and the latest technical solutions, we offer a comprehensive and reliable service. We design systems from scratch as well as modify and modernize existing ones. Knowing the specifics of a given investment based on the information provided by the client, we are able to meet his expectations by proposing optimal solutions. We are open to the investor’s suggestions and proposals both as to the preferred devices and solutions in the field of control concepts.

In the design process, we use licensed CAD software packages:

The implemented projects consist of:

  • schematic diagrams
  • SPS modules
  • elevation views
  • power and control cabinets
  • camera placement
  • complete terminal blocks
  • material lists

We carry out projects in different language versions. The client receives from us both a paper version and an electronic version of the project. Our designers specialize in the design of various types of systems - drive systems, protection systems, measurement systems, safety systems, systems in hazardous areas and others.​

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