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Machine and process safety systems

iPS Control® supports customers in the area of machine safety, from a comprehensive risk assessment to the validation of protection measures.

Machine safety is directly linked to human safety. Minimizing the risk of failure prevents unplanned downtime and at the same time reduces the likelihood of accidents.

The result of the modernization process is a safe machine with unchanged or increased work efficiency. Several years of experience gained during the automation of various machines and industrial processes allows iPS Control® to offer unique assistance. We adapt existing and newly designed machines and industrial lines to comply with current regulations and the latest state of technical knowledge.

In accordance with the philosophy of the Machinery Directive, we focus on reducing the risk by modernizing the existing protection measures – shields, electronic protections. The next stage is the modernization of the control systems and electrical equipment of the machines.

We pay special attention to ensure that modernized machines or entire technological lines are at least as efficient as before modernization. Most often, however, the modernization carried out, related to safety, increases efficiency, for example by eliminating downtime related to failures or accidents.

The use of the latest security measures, such as security cameras in combination with safety controllers, increases efficiency by reducing the time it takes to stop and restart the machine, e.g. after opening guards.

iPS Control® offer in the field of machine safety:

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