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SCADA and HMI systems


Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition means a system supervising the course of a technological or production process. Its main functions include collecting current data (measurements), their visualization, process control, alarming and data archiving.

The term SCADA usually refers to a computer system that overrides PLCs and other devices. In general, PLC controllers are connected directly with executive devices (valves, pumps, etc.) and measuring devices (temperature, level sensors, etc.) and collect current data from the facility and perform automatic control and regulation algorithms. Through PLC controllers, the data is transferred to the computer system where it is archived and processed into a more user-friendly form. System operators set general process parameters or run the process in manual mode.

HMI systems

Human Machine Interface means a set of devices used for communication between a human and a machine. When we talk about HMI, we usually mean various types of operator panels.

Thanks to the designed and implemented visualization and monitoring systems, there is a possibility of:

The SCADA systems most often made by us are based on the following software:

WinCC – Siemens
RSView32 – Rockwell Automation
InTouch – Wonderware

The most frequently used operator panels:

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