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Shop Floor Data Collection System

What is the SFDC system?

Shop Floor Data Collection System = Production Data Acquisition System

Their task is to monitor process parameters that have a direct or indirect impact on the course of production operations. SFDC systems are an indispensable part of production optimization processes. They allow you to quickly and effectively obtain basic information related to the results of performed operations.

More specific:
Output data from production processes are the basis for determining indicators, which in a closed feedback loop are input correction data when re-iteration of the process during production optimization.

The effective study of feedback ratios in order to make adjustments to the production process requires a system of procedures:

  • reading output data from production processes
  • calculating indicators for optimization,
  • entering adjusted input data for production operations.

How can the iPS Control® team help?

Based on many years of experience in the implementation of automated control systems for various industries, iPS Control® has developed a proprietary Shop Floor Data Collection System enabling the implementation of the procedures described above. Its basic function is the acquisition and monitoring of production data of:

The SFDC system consists of units responsible for:

  • data acquisition, from data processing elements,
  • elements presenting data,
  • central units for archiving and processing global data,
  • infrastructure that transports data to external systems.

Each of the above-described elements of the system can be implemented based on devices and IT infrastructure compliant with the standard functioning in the production plant, and in the absence of such, with elements proposed and designed by iPS Control®.

An architecture based on the elements responsible for the individual functions of the SFDC system connected in an IT network was prepared for the assembly of production lines.

A locally installed PLC is responsible for data acquisition from each production line, to which data from a specific production line is sent. A software application responsible for data registration, data processing and calculation of production indicators as well as monitoring of emergency states is installed on the server. Industrial computers located directly at the production line or DOTup information boards are responsible for local data presentation.

Examples of locally processed data include:

  • machine stoppage times (with categorization of their reasons),
  • the number of cycles of production machines in the line (in different time horizons),
  • times of production operations (in different time horizons),
  • cycle times (in different time horizons),
  • machine efficiency (in different time horizons),
  • ratios expressed as conversions of the above data (e.g. availability/performance).

In terms of data presentation, we can access sample data:

  • ongoing monitoring of production orders to be performed (list of orders),
  • the ability to start, pause and end orders,
  • the number of production items made,
  • number of production shortages,
  • production efficiency index, data on downtimes, failures and planned breaks,
  • status preview (work, failure, downtime, changeover, etc.

An important feature of the Production Data Acquisition System is the possibility to build it independently of the hardware and IT infrastructure already existing in the plant. It is possible to build a system based on the existing infrastructure as well as design a completely new one according to customer standards or proposed by iPS Control®.

The two main features of the architecture are flexibility and scalability.

Flexibility, because the SFDC system is based on a dedicated hardware or software solution. You can use one of the hardware and software standards available on the market or use existing ones at the customer’s facility.

Scalability, because at any time the system can be expanded with new elements of the customer’s production infrastructure without having to rebuild the system, but only by extending the proposed Shop Floor Data Collection System architecture.

The SFDC architecture can be equipped with information tables based on DOTup devices.

They allow you to visualize any information in the production halls, without graphic limitations. With DOTup, you get quick and easy access to key production information.

The DOTup system is characterized by:

  • Any graphical form of presented information and indicators
  • A wide range of available sizes of LED graphic screens
  • Short installation period and return on investment
  • High flexibility of the application and ease of introducing changes to the system
  • Ability to communicate with various control systems and applications
  • Possibility of simple scaling of the system to subsequent production lines
  • Repeatability of the solution that reduces the investment risk
  • Ability to work in harsh conditions – indoor and outdoor applications
  • Stainless steel housings available

The DOTup system can be used for the following applications:

  • SCADA system for visualization of any technological process
  • ANDON table to visualize the operating status of machines and entire production lines
  • Visualization of production efficiency indicators (OEE systems)
  • Presentation of climatic parameters in the production hall
  • Visualization of economic indicators
  • Monitoring the consumption of production media (energy, water, heat, etc.)

The basic elements of the Shop Floor Data Collection System, which can be presented in the form of modules, are:

  • performance, downtime and OEE monitoring,
  • monitoring of production media,
  • integration with ERP business modules.

Basic benefits of implementing the Production Data Acquisition System:

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