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Robotization is the use of modern and innovative technology in the optimization of your company.

Industrial robots, on the basis of which we build robotic applications, are primarily solutions that will increase the competitiveness of your company. Among the many benefits of investing in robotization, it is worth paying attention to the significant increase in the efficiency of production lines and optimization of the cost level.

At iPS Control® we specialize in robotic applications of the following processes:

We have our own laboratory, where we can conduct demonstrations and functional tests within the above-mentioned applications. We encourage you to contact us. A conversation with our consultant will certainly allow you to get answers to any questions about robotization.

In the daily work of the company, you are certainly faced with:

  • insufficient capacity and availability of the part of the end of line responsible for packaging/palletizing
  • the need to shorten the time in which the number of produced elements can be increased or decreased
    significant staff turnover
  • work in difficult conditions, health and safety
  • insufficient product quality, inaccurately or incorrectly stacked products on the pallet and frequent customer returns
  • the need to maintain a large quality control department, due to the above-mentioned reasons
  • high failure rate of dedicated end-of-line components responsible for packaging/palletization
    problems with timely deliveries
  • the need to reduce human contact with the food produced

Robotization may be the answer and solution.

Thanks to the investment in the area of robotics, you will not only solve current problems but also gain the opportunity to achieve tactical and strategic goals, including:

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